Archie Griffin: The Only Two-Time Heisman Winner

You know Archie Griffin. Perhaps not by and by, yet you’ve most certainly known about him. The main double cross champ of school football’s Heisman Prize, Griffin was a human feature reel during his time at Ohio State during the 1970s. For four straight years, he astonished Buckeye fans with his fast feet, breakaway speed, and uncanny vision. Each Saturday, Griffin would wind around his way through safeguards like a hot blade through spread, abandoning a path of broken handles and confounded linebackers. When his school vocation was finished, he held essentially every Ohio State hurrying record and solidified his status as a remarkable person. Be that as it may, there’s more going on than only the numbers and honors. Past the firm arms and twist moves was a modest genius who addressed the best of school sports. This is the narrative of Archie Griffin – the player, the individual, the symbol who came to characterize a period of Ohio State football.

Archie Griffin’s School Football Vocation at Ohio State

Archie Griffin had an unbelievable school football profession playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes from 1972 to 1975. As a running back, he was a vital piece of the group’s prosperity those years.

His rookie season, Archie scrambled for 867 yards and scored three scores, acquiring him the title of Enormous Ten Green bean of the Year. The following year, as a sophomore, he beat 1,000 yards scrambling interestingly and was named an All-American. ###Junior Year Strength

In 1974, Archie’s lesser year, he had his best season at this point. He scrambled for 1,695 yards, scored 12 scores, and drove the Buckeyes to an undefeated season. For his endeavors, Archie was granted school football’s most elevated honor – the Heisman Prize.

Strikingly, as a senior, Archie again drove the country in surging yards with 1,450 and scores with 14. He again got the Heisman Prize, turning into the main player to at any point win it two times.

At the point when Archie graduated, he held various Ohio State records remembering most surging yards for a vocation with 5,589 aggregate. He proceeded to play seven seasons in the NFL however will continuously be associated with his unbelievable school vocation and status as the main double cross Heisman victor. Buckeye fans actually view him as one of the unequaled greats.

In the event that you’re an Ohio State fan or simply love school football, you need to see the value in the ability and achievements of Archie Griffin. His place in history is everlastingly solidified as one of the game’s most notorious players.

Archie Griffin’s Noteworthy Two Heisman Prizes

Archie Griffin achieved something no other school football player has at any point finished — he won the Heisman Prize two times. As a running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes during the 1970s, Griffin overwhelmed the field.

In his lesser year, Griffin scrambled for 1,577 yards and scored 12 scores, driving the Buckeyes to an undefeated season and the public title. Electors were so dazzled they granted him the 1974 Heisman Prize. In any case, Griffin wasn’t finished. ###His senior season, he again scrambled for more than 1,500 yards and assisted the Buckeyes with going 11-1. For this reprise execution, Griffin won a remarkable second consecutive Heisman Prize in 1975.

Right up ’til now, Griffin stays the main double cross Heisman champ. His 5,589 profession surging yards were an Ohio State record for more than 30 years. All the more critically, Griffin was the encapsulation of an understudy competitor. He acquired his certificate in modern relations and tutored more youthful players.

A Motivation On and Off the Field

Playing for Ohio State from 1972 to 1975, Archie was the substance of the group. His enthusiasm, assurance and authority energized his colleagues and roused ages of players. However little in height, his will to win was unrivaled. He battled for each yard and never surrendered.

Off the field, Archie was similarly praiseworthy. He was a model understudy, dynamic locally and committed to his confidence. His personality, values and sportsmanship made him a good example for all. Indeed, even after his playing days finished, Archie stayed near the Ohio State program, coaching players and offering back in any capacity he could. He is the epitome of a genuine Buckeye.


So that’s it, the narrative of Archie Griffin, a genuine legend of school football. His achievements on the turf at Ohio State won’t probably ever be coordinated. While the Heisman Prize is currently given out yearly to the best player in school football, Archie stays the main one to win it two times. His stunning moves, breakaway speed, and sheer assurance made him a once-in-a-age ability. However his master vocation never entirely took off, Archie solidified his place in history during those four unique years in Columbus. His modesty, heart, and enthusiasm for the game charmed him to Buckeye fans forever. In the event that you at any point wind up at an Ohio State football match-up, search for Archie uninvolved – he’s still there giving a shout out to his Buckeyes, a remarkable person who’ll perpetually stay the main double cross Heisman champ.

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